1. On the atm, montreal train. Coming home from high school, such a long time ago… Can’t believe i’m starting cegep later today. 


  2. obnoxiously loud music while driving with my parents, while on a bridge. Can’t believe this was over a year ago. 


  3. About Me [July 7 2013 - July 23 2013]

    day 100: what is the best thing about being your age

    The best thing about being 17 and starting cegep is that you don’t really have to choose what you want to do with the rest of your life (I’ve still got another two years) and I don’t have the heavy responsability of making money to keep myself alive. It’s the perfect age to enjoy yourself and take in new experiences. A time to live life to the fullest, to be happy and to be healthy. 

    day 101: would you like to travel abroad to learn about new things throughout the world

    Definitely. New experiences would be cool. 

    day 102: life lessons you’ve learned throughout life

    I honestly have not been through that much. But from the little things I’ve had to overcome, one of the lessons would be that hard work is always the way to go. Even though you may not see the fruit of your efforts, it will not kill you to always aim for the best you and keeping your standards high. Another is that if what you’re doing or who you’re with doesn’t bring you happiness, then it’s time for a change. 

    day 103: do you believe in love at first sight


    day 104: three words you cant go a day without using

    Hi, good night

    day 105: describe your favorite place in the world

    A place with the perfect temperature, especially on the perfect summer day with low humidity and a breeze. In Vancouver, close to the house I grew up in. There’s a path with huckleberries that I walk by whenever I go over to my friend’s. Vancouver is just my favorite place in the world. 

    day 106: someone you judged by the first impression

    Lots of people who are really heavily in drug consumption and dealing. 

    day 107: the friendliest person you knew for only one day

    Not really sure! People I considered really friendly I usually would get acquainted with them more later on. 

    day 108: is it easier to forgive or forget

    I think you’ve really got to do both. First forgive, and then eventually forget. 

    day 109: if you were a super hero, what kind of powers would you have

    Being able to make something appear physically with images conjured by my mind. How cool would it be if you wanted cookies and just pictured it in your mind and then cookies would actually appear in real life?! 

    day 110: something that makes you happy

    Nice weather makes me happy. 

    day 111: do you wish upon 11:11 even if it may not come true

    Sometimes, usually not. 

    day 112: what is the most important part in a relationship, do you think

    Communication and attraction. 

    day 113: do you believe that if you want something enough you’ll get it

    No. You need effort and LUCK, and luck is not always very cooperative. 

    day 114: do you like when people are protective over you

    Yes, I don’t mind because it means they care. 

    day 115: is it possible to be single and happy

    YES! We were all single at some point in our lives. Unhappy single people are only people who’ve just recently broken up or just feel that they need someone else to experience happiness (which does not work out well). 

    day 116: one guy who means a lot to you

    My father. 

    day 117: if you were to get a tattoo, what would it look like?

    It would be a small image or a phrase that would mean something to me. Perhaps an obstacle I would have to overcome in the future. (There isn’t any symbol or phrase that I would want permanently etched into my flesh at the present moment). It would be at the back of my neck so it isn’t very visible or just under my left shoulder blade. 


  4. Two times the school spirit! I forgot to take a photo of the year book cover. Melanie Ortins did an amazing job on this beautiful Phoenix illustration. Gabrielle girouard also made the inside of the yearbook a treasure! I’m in love.


  5. doodle


  6. I’ve already used these nailpolishes so it is time to review them! All of them are quite nice. The glitter is nothing special but I love the chunkyness of the silver speckles. I love how the matte top coat works except I’m not a huge fan of the look. The on stage is a nice color that I enjoy, perfect for the fall.


  7. P i z z a   F a c e 

    This is what we do when we wait in line for 3 hours



  9. First concert with Mr.Tsui


  10. First time in the Angrignon metro station!